Ski Holidays in Méribel

Your guide to the best resort in the world...

Méribel is the best all-round ski resort in the world. If Aliens (and that could equally be a family of aliens or a group of young, professional aliens) came to our planet and fancied a ski, the chances are they would base themselves in Méribel!

And more tangibly, Méribel has just frequently won Family Resort of The Year at the World Snow Awards!

Méribel may not get 35ft of snow each winter like some of the resorts in western Canada/ USA, it may not have skiing up to the moon like Zermatt and it may not offer tax-break-skiing like Andorra nor pound-a-pint like Bulgaria. It is neither the snowiest, the highest and nor is it the cheapest.

But it is the best. Located at the centre point of the Three Valleys – the world’s largest ski area – it has fantastic skiing across 600km of piste, a stunningly pretty town and a range of shops, restaurants, bars & nightclubs to satisfy everyone from teetotal paupers to drunken princesses! Méribel also has a good range of accommodation, a wealth of off-snow activities and excellent transport links.

Ski resorts do tend to have loyal fans who can’t see beyond their own preferred resorts but, amongst skiers and snowboarders, Méribel is one that has a universal respect…if perhaps grudgingly!