Our Staff

The Team @ The Chalet Co

We devote more time, resources and (nervous) energy to recruiting, training and managing our chalet staff than we commit to any other task! We want to set our chalets apart from other catered chalets in Méribel. The location, images and price of a chalet will encourage you to stay with The Chalet Company for the first time, but it is the people that will make you return… hopefully year after year!

This is not lost on us; so, we know what we want from our catered chalet staff. We are looking for people with intelligence and diligence – from cleaning and presenting the chalet, to concocting mouth-watering food, and seamlessly helping you find your way around resort. We are looking for people who are prepared to go above and beyond for reasons of personal pride, rather than the prospect of a good tip! We are looking for people with life experience and work experience, so they can interact with (although not impose upon) our guests, who have looked forward to the perfect ski holiday all year.

  • Steve Purdie

    Steve Purdie

    General Manager

    “I worked as a management consultant (for Accenture), studied for an MBA (at University of Cambridge) and worked as a strategy consultant (for AT Kearney) before joining my brother in the snowsports’ industry in 2009. My role is to ensure that every aspect of your holiday runs as smoothly as possible from when you book until the sad moment you check-out from your chalet after, hopefully, the most incredible ski holiday!”
  • Phil Purdie

    Phil Purdie

    Sales & Marketing

    “I have been working in the snowsports’ industry since 2001. I have worked for various Ski Schools (as a ski instructor), for the Ski Club of Great Britain (in the Information Dept) and I also founded SnowSkool (ski & snowboard instructor training) in 2003. Méribel was the first place I ever skied outside of the UK way back in 1982 and although I have now skied in resorts in eleven other countries, I keep coming back to Méribel! I will be your first point of contact and will provide detail on all our chalets and our services in order to help you make the right choice.”
  • Anneliese


    Client Happiness Manager

    "Hi, my name is Anneliese and I am the Operations and Customer Service Manager for The Chalet Company. I gave up life in the City of London when my children came along 13 years ago and have been working for The Chalet Company for the last few years and love every minute of it!!! Based in the UK, I am here to help take the stress out of holiday planning. Once your chalet and flights are booked, I can assist with the organisation of all the ‘extras’ for your ski holiday before you depart.  I also like to think of myself as the ‘font of all knowledge’ on taking kids skiing"
  • Alex


    Resort Manager

    Hi, I am Alex and I am your Resort Manager. I am really looking forward to welcoming all our guests to Meribel. After gaining my Ski Instructor qualification in Banff, Canada through SnowSkool in 2013, I have spent several seasons being a ski instructor in several different countries and the past two seasons as Resort Manager for The Chalet Company. I am very excited about returning to Meribel to support our guests with their needs and help them have the best skiing experience possible.
  • Beth


    Assistant Resort Manager

    Hello, I am Beth and I’ll be your Assistant Resort Manager for the 2021/22 season. I am a graduate from the University of Surrey in Business Management and French and I am so happy to be immersed in the French way of life out here in the Alps. This will be my second season in Meribel and I can’t wait to welcome you to the slopes and help make sure your time here is as relaxing as possible. See you soon!
  • Jamie


    Assistant Resort Manager

    Hi! I'm Jamie and I am as super excited as I hope you are to come to Méribel for the first time. I have been working in rainy Manchester for the past few years and am looking forward to swapping the grey city for some beautiful white slopes. When I’m not skiing I love sports, especially climbing, five-a-side and water polo. I can’t wait to meet all the guests this year and make sure that everything runs as smoothly as can be for everybody :)
  • Liam and Jo

    Liam and Jo

    Chalet Hosts

    Hello, we’re Liam and Jo and we’ll be your hosts for Chalet Eleanor. After meeting at university and travelling around Europe white water kayaking, we decided it was time to swap our paddles for some skis. We spent an amazing season in Morzine in 2020 and can’t wait to get back to the mountains. When we’re not cooking you delicious food in the chalet you’ll find us spending every available minute on the slopes exploring all the nooks and crannies the Three Valleys has to offer. We can’t wait for the season to begin and look forward to meeting everyone who holidays at Chalet Eleanor.  
  • Furqan and Sonja

    Furqan and Sonja

    Chalet Hosts

    Hi, we're Sonja and Furqan, an Indo-German couple. We met two years ago in San Sebastian, Spain and since then have been moving places, exploring new cultures, food and simultaneously learning more about each other's cultural background cultures. We would be more than glad to share this and much more with you during your stay at our chalet! Furqan is a chef with experience of working at several renowned Michelin star restaurants across Spain and France whereas Sonja is a professional landscape gardener from Bavaria and we both can't wait to host you this ski season and help make your holidays much more special!
  • Emma and Tom

    Emma and Tom

    Chalet Hosts

    Hello, we’re Tom and Emma, we met nearly 8 years ago at university and traded keen interests of good food from Tom and skiing from Emma. This will be our second ski season following five years of office life; Emma working in charity and Tom working in marketing for a pub company. We absolutely love hosting, cooking for guests and being in the mountains so couldn’t wait to get back. We both know the area extremely well, with Emma coming to Meribel since aged 4. We are looking forward to meeting you, cooking up some delicious meals and helping you have a fantastic holiday
  • Sophie and Laurence

    Sophie and Laurence

    Chalet Hosts

    Hey, we are Laurence and Sophie and we will be hosting a chalet together this season! After 15 years of friendship and travelling the world together we have always dreamt of doing a ski season as a pair - it's finally become a reality. Although it's our first time hosting in the mountains we are very familiar with the area with lots of great recommendations and experienced as a team as have run Sophie’s cafe in Cambridge for over a year together in the past. Can’t wait to meet you all!
  • Alice


    Chalet Chef

    Hi, I'm Alice and I am so excited to welcome you to Meribel as your Chalet Chef. I have just graduated from the University of Nottingham, studying English, and I am looking forward to my first ever season with The Chalet Company. I can't wait to share with you my love of the Alps, good food and good times. Looking forward to meeting you and making this the best holiday ever
  • Amy


    Chalet Chef

    Hi – I'm Amy and I am delighted to be coming back to Méribel for my second season with The Chalet Company. I look forward to cooking you some favorites from my first season as well as trying out some new, but hopefully just as delicious, recipes. I can’t wait to spend another winter in the snow and welcome you to Meribel where I’ll do everything I can to make your holiday one to remember  
  • Anna


    Chalet Chef

    Hi, My name is Anna and I am very excited about the upcoming season in Meribel.  I love everything about the alps; the scenery, the food and most importantly the skiing!  I am passionate about food and can’t wait for the opportunity to cook for new people.  I’m looking forward to being part of your adventure in Meribel!
  • Ellie


    Chalet Chef

    Hi, my names Ellie and I'm really looking forward to welcoming you to a snowy Meribel! I am originally from Lands End in Cornwall but have spend the last three years living in London whilst working as a Primary School Teacher. This will be my third winter season having spent two seasons in Alpe D'Huez when I left school. I am passionate about the snowsports industry and have worked repping school groups out to Austria. I love to travel and when we're not in intermittent lockdowns, I love to fit in as many ski holidays as possible. I am really looking forward to impressing you with my cooking and ensuring you have the most wonderful holiday.
  • Claudia


    Chalet Host

    Hey, I'm Claudia and I'm so looking forward to being your chalet host on my first season. I absolutely love sport, socialising and travelling and have just graduated from Loughborough University with a degree in Architecture. I'm now taking a gap year and hoping to do all these things whilst in Meribel. I can't wait to meet you and provide you with an amazing experience in the Alps - I hope you are as excited as I am to finally be back on the slopes!
  • Georgia


    Chalet Host

    Hey there my name is Georgia and I can’t wait to welcome you to Meribel.  Originally from Greece, I love roaming around the globe working in hospitality. Up until now, I have only worked during the summer season by the ocean, so I’m excited to experience a winter season in the mountains. I strive to make your stay with The Chalet Company as unforgettable (in an amazing way) as possible!! Yiamas!!
  • Eryn


    Chalet Host

    Hi my name is Eryn and I am excited to be your chalet host this season. I have just graduated from University, so I am excited to travel and meet new people. This is my first season working in Meribel, but I have visited the three valleys many times. I can’t wait for the season to begin and help to make your holiday the best it can be!
  • Shay


    Chalet Host

    Hi my name is Shay and I look forward to be your chalet host this season in Méribel. I have recently graduated from Ulster University and this is my first ever season but with a passion for hospitality and a love of the alps this is something I've always wanted to do. I can not wait to get back on the slopes and to welcome you to Méribel and do everything I can to give you an experience to remember
  • Niall


    Chalet Host

    Hi, I’m Niall and I’m so thrilled about being a chalet host in Meribel this winter season! My favourite thing to do is travel and create new adventures especially when meeting some amazing new people along the journey. This is my first season as a host and my second time in the 3 valleys. I only scratched the surface last time and it left me wanting to come back and explore the rest! I can’t wait to help fill your holiday with good times, great food and lasting memories.
  • Ben



    Hi, my name is Ben and I will be working as one of your chalet drivers this upcoming season. I am originally from Sydney, Australia and have a degree in construction project management. I have just finished doing a ski season at Perisher ski resort in Australia and can’t wait to do another already! This will be my first season at the three valleys and I am eager to explore all the mountains have to offer.  I am super excited to meet everyone and ensure that you guys have the best possible experience!
  • Tom


    Chalet Host

    Hey, my name is Tom. I’m from Dublin, where it’s overcast and boring and I am absolutely buzzing to get away for my first season working as a chalet host. I have just finished studying English and Drama at Trinity College Dublin and I can’t wait to finally arrive in Méribel and start showing you a good time on the slopes!
  • Haydon



    Hello, I’m Haydon. I love the outdoors and can usually be found in the sea around West Wales where I teach sea kayaking, coasteering, surfing and stand up paddle boarding. I am, however, really looking forward to a change of scenery driving in Méribel this winter. I can’t wait to swap the surf for the slopes, meet new people and do some skiing!
  • Andy



    Hello! I’m Andy, a professional driver with a love of outdoor pursuits, kayaking and adventure activities. A terrible snowboarder, but ok skier, I love to travel and just being on top of the mountain with the gods. I have lived in France, on and off for the last 20 years, last season working in Morzine. My daughter is French and studying at the university of Toulouse. Super happy to show you around Meribel and the best places to go for the season  
  • Jasper



    Hi, I'm Jasper and I'm going to be working with the team as a Chalet Assistant and Driver. I studied Materials Science in Manchester and have been working for a travel company in London since I graduated. I'm very excited to be getting out of the city and to meet you all on your holidays in the Three Valleys.
  • Dean



    Hello, I am Dean I will be your Driver for the upcoming season. I am so excited to get back to the Alps this winter and there is nowhere better than the three Valleys and Meribel. Having done several winter seasons in the Alps as a delivery driver I am looking forward to swapping delivering goods for accompanying you to the slopes. I look forward to meeting you all and helping make your holiday one to remember.