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Issue 1

a sink at chalet impala

It may be a flagship chalet, a five-star property offering spacious accommodation, stunning views and fantastic facilities, but many observers have commented on the ineffectiveness of the splashbacks in the bathrooms of Chalet Impala.

Unconfirmed reports, from someone who described himself as a “Chalet Company insider”, describe a scene where there are clear water-marks in the area behind one of the bathroom sinks. Client Happiness Manager, Anneliese Crabb said “Internally, I have been campaigning for over a decade now, to roll-out a new range of splashbacks for Impala and so the news today that we shall be investing in this is really rather emotional for me.”

It is understood that the work will be staggered, with the rear defences of one bathroom sink being shored up every December for the next seven years. The roll-out will be managed by Alex Williamson who is The Chalet Company’s long-standing Resort Manager for Méribel. Williamson has previous experience of installing splashbacks at her Nan’s house in Glasgow. “Alex is very much the right person for the job of creating a new waterproof area to protect the wall behind the taps and we look forward to working with her over the next seven years and seeing this project come to fruition,” said Phil Purdie, MD of The Chalet Company. Refurbishments of the wall behind the sink in the bathroom of Bedroom 3 will begin in 2021 with a budget of EUR 90.

If you would like to stay in Chalet Impala this season, to appreciate it’s sensational splashbacks, we have just four weeks left available!


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