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Bits & Bobs for Kids

Bits & Bobs for Kids

Family-Friendly Chalets

As much as many of you would love to palm the kids off to the grandparents in order to jet off to the Alps for a week of care-free skiing and apres-ski hedonism, we all know that this is, alas, not always an option. Not every year anyway! Fortunately, The Chalet Company is a child-friendly company… in fact, we love hosting kids! And so we do everything we can to make sure families stay happy and that the process is as smooth as possible for everyone.

Breakfast for Champions

First things first, we like to make sure the little’uns are well-fed. For the babies, we are happy to purée food and provide you with highchairs. At breakfast, the bigger boys and girls are welcome to a plate of scrambled eggs, or a bacon and egg muffin, or whatever the hot option is that the ‘bigger kids’ are having. But, more often than not, we find they prefer tucking into cereal, bowls of porridge, yoghurts, croissants, or pain au chocolats. We shall also provide plenty of fresh fruit so that you can look good in front of any other parents staying in the chalet with young children!

Well Fed

On your return to the chalet after a day on the slopes, there’ll be a smorgasbord of breads and spreads alongside a home-made cake and drinks aplenty. For dinner, we offer an early sitting for the children and they will be fed a two-course, freshly-cooked, kids’ menu, chosen in advance by you. Please see below for the numerous options, but please be aware we can only cook one main and ‘pud’ option per evening for all children.

Menu Options

Le Booze

Le Petit Booze

As much as the kids love them, many parents/guardians think sugary drinks are the Devil’s tipple.

Wherever you stand on this, we will discreetly provide them but not shout about them so that it is entirely at the parent’s discretion whether they are offered (and therefore consumed, or not).



Created by God (or evolution) many years ago, water is very light on the nose and wonderfully smooth. Combines particularly well with crisps.


Orangina is a lightly carbonated beverage made from water and 12% citrus pulp (10% from concentrated orange, 2% from a combination of concentrated lemon, concentrated mandarin, and concentrated grapefruit juices). It is generally regarded as ‘lush’ and ‘well nice’.

Sirop de Pêche

In this instance, pêche translates as ‘peach’ and not ‘fish’ as fish syrup has tended not to go down very well with the under 10s. It’s the French version of squash – basically it’s liquid sugar with some peach flavouring thrown in. Drink in moderation!

Jus de Pommes

Again, not to be confused with the less-popular Jus de Pommes de Terres (potato juice), apple juice is a delicious breakfast drink full of fruity goodness!

Other Services for Children

At The Chalet Company, we know that the easiest way to keep the sprogs happy is by making sure they are well fed and watered but we have other policies and services in place to try to make sure that they enjoy all aspects of their stay in our chalets.

Travel cots and highchairs are available.

To keep them entertained:

  • A selection of baby/toddler toys and books are available in all chalets
  • A selection of games are available in all chalets
  • All chalets are equipped with Amzon firesticks
  • PS4 and game are available in Chalet Impala
  • Media room in Panda Lodge
  • Hot tubs in Chalet Evergreen, Impala Lodge, Panda Lodge, Refuge Boua and Chalet Bruyere

We are also happy to recommend and book nannies, child-friendly restaurants, and ski schools for your children. We understand that getting kids to the lessons on time in the morning can be somewhat stressful and so, in chalets where we offer a minibus service to the slopes, we will try wherever possible to prioritise children so they get there on time!

Guest Reviews


Efficient booking process. Staff were professional friendly and cooked up wonderful suppers for kids and adults. Hot tub was a real plus as were hill transfers. Everything we needed for a relaxing break. Dom, family and friends.


Very impressed by Chalet Impala... what a place! There are just so many stunning features – the hot tub, sauna, terrace, huge open-plan lounge and most of the bedrooms (apart from one small one but it was for a single lady). Food was lovely, Aimee & Charlie were charming hosts and, well, we can’t wait to come back next season! Emma.


I love dealing with Phil and the team at the Chalet Company, I organise a large ski group trip every year and they are by far the best company I deal with. Chalet Evergreen is great, fabulous location, hot tub always excellent hosts which you need when looking after big group. They organise as much or as little as you want them to and just make organising the annual ski trip a pleasure rather than a chore. Jenna Kelly.