Introducing Fresh Tracks Cookery School

Recruitment is already well underway at The Chalet Company for the 2017/18 season. We work really hard searching for the very best teams who are going to cook our guests scrumptious food, while also delivering personable and friendly customer service.

Competition for roles is always tight but a referral from a good chalet cookery school can add weight to a person’s application (as well as bringing beautifully decorated cupcakes or biscuits to any interview!!!!).

With this in mind, we are delighted to hear about a new residential chalet cookery school that’s local to our recruiting office in Bristol.

Fresh Tracks is run by Steve and Becky: a couple with over 24 seasons’ worth of chalet hosting experience between them. We have been lucky enough to feed into their syllabus to ensure they can help companies like ourselves to get mature individuals who are not only great cooks but amazing hosts too.

We always find that those who prepare well get the most out of the season and provide our guests with an outstanding ski holiday experience.

Fresh Tacks Chalet Hosting and Cookery School offer one-week residential training course based in Cornwall. For more information, go to

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