Missed a ski holiday? Tips to get on top form ahead of your return to the chalet!

After a year without skiing, you’re probably itching to get back to the slopes! However, if you’re planning to take a long-awaited ski holiday at the end of this year, you may feel a little out of practice.

The writers at The Luxury Ski Show share a few tips on how to stay on top form ahead of your return to the slopes, so you can make the most of your ski holiday.

Practice in advance

A year or more without skiing may mean that you’re a little out of practice. To hit the ground running when you arrive, why not get some practice in beforehand? There are plenty of indoor ski centres and dry ski slopes across the UK, which will prepare you for the real thing.

In fact, many find that skiing on an artificial slope is more difficult than skiing on snow, so just a couple of hours on a dry slope should more than prepare you for your holiday.

You may also find it beneficial to book a lesson at an indoor ski centre or dry slope. Honing your skills before you go will mean that you can spend less time practicing on the nursery slopes when you get there and more time enjoying your skiing.

If you can’t get to an indoor ski centre or dry slope before your holiday, don’t fret! A good alternative would be to book a few lessons for the first couple of days of your trip. This will get your skiing off to a great start and will ease you into the holiday nicely.

wearing in new ski boots

Wear-in your ski gear

After a long period of time without wearing your ski gear, nothing feels more alien than putting on a pair of ski boots! If you can, wear your boots before you arrive and get used to how they feel again. This is especially important if you have a brand-new pair to wear in. If you try them out before you leave, you’ll have plenty of time to decide if you’re happy with them and to return them if needs be.

The same applies to your goggles, helmet and anything else that you haven’t worn in a while, including ski clothes. You might feel silly but try wearing them around the house for half an hour – but a lot of us have changed size and shape in lockdown!

Build up your ski-fitness levels

It goes without saying that a ski holiday is action-packed. To get the most out of your days and to ensure that you can ski as much as possible, it’s a great idea to build up your fitness levels before you go.

Any form of cardio exercise, such as running, will prepare you for a long day on the slopes. Leg exercises, such as squats and lunges, will build up strength and reduce your chances of contracting an injury.

If you can, start these exercises at least a few months before you leave and try to do them regularly. You’ll find that when you arrive, skiing every day will be easier and less tiring.

man doing a squat to improve ski fitness

Choose a resort perfect for your capabilities

When booking your ski holiday, consider your capabilities when choosing the resort. Will you be travelling with a group of advanced skiers, mixed abilities or are you all novices?

If you are seasoned skiers, then you may enjoy a resort with plenty of advanced slopes. Equally, beginners will benefit more from plenty of gentle slopes and a good ski school. There are ski resorts out there that cater to everyone. A bit of research and/or recommendations will help you choose the best one for you.

We might be biased, but this is where a chalet holiday in Méribel comes into its own! The Three Valleys is the biggest ski resort in the world. Its 600km of piste is about 25% easy, 40% medium and 35% hard – in terms of difficulty.

Book accommodation in advance to avoid disappointment

With most holidaymakers unable to go skiing in 2020, 2021-2022 is set to be a very busy season! Many people, who had booked catered chalets previously, may have deferred their booking,. Cabin-fever means others have just booked well in advance! There has also been a surge in popularity for self-contained accommodation, such as chalets in Méribel.

So, if you haven’t looked for accommodation yet and hope to ski during the upcoming season, we’d recommend that you start now to avoid disappointment. You can then ensure that your holiday is everything you expect it to be, and more!

If you’d like to talk to us about a catered chalet in Méribel for next season, or about our luxury chalets, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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