Pre-departure information: guidelines while in France

This article was last updated 18/03/22 PLEASE NOTE: This is our interpretation of the guidelines in place. Please satisfy yourself that you are aware of the latest rules before you travel.

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COVID Guidelines for your time in France

  • As of the 14th March, the Pass Vaccinal (displaying your NHS COVID Pass QR code) is no longer required in public spaces. The only place you may need it (hopefully not!) would be a hospital or medical centre.
  • Face coverings will need to be worn on all public transport, this includes gondolas. Ideally, these must be Approved Masks (Surgical or Class 1 Medical).
  • You must respect social distancing rules and try to stay 1m away from others, in queues and public areas.

COVID testing in Méribel

There will be two testing centres in Méribel where you can get PCR or antigen tests. They are located at the Olympic Park and in Mottaret at the Tourist Office. These will be open 7 days a week, 9am-1pm and 4pm-7pm. A PCR test is €44, with results in 24hrs, and an Antigen test is €25 with results in 15 mins. Online booking is strongly advised:

Covid guidelines in your chalet


At The Chalet Company, the safety and wellbeing of our guests & team members is our primary concern. To ensure we keep both our guests and teams safe, we are carrying out a rigorous, daily cleaning regime, including touch points and other high frequented areas. Here’s what we’re doing to keep you and our teams safe:

  • Hygiene and anti-viricidal sanitising spray
    More frequent cleaning of high-touch areas, such as door handles, light switches, handrails etc. with disinfectants approved to European standard of EN14476, proven to be effective in killing COVID-19.
  • Bed linen and towels
    Laundering all our linen and towels at over 60 degrees, with disinfectant detergent so you can enjoy a safe and great night’s sleep. As pretty as they look, we’ve also removed all cushions and throws from beds and sofas in an attempt to reduce any spread.
  • Protective equipment for our teams
    We’ve provided all our team members with protective equipment including masks, gloves and hand sanitiser. Masks will be worn by our team members around the chalet but it is not a requirement for guests to wear masks in communal areas.

If you feel unwell during your stay

If you start to feel unwell and recognise the symptoms of COVID-19, we recommend that you follow the official procedures in France to protect yourself and everyone around you:

  • Return to your room in the chalet. If it is a child who is feeling unwell then we ask that a parent accompanies them.
  • Notify your fellow guests and the chalet staff by either phoning them or sending them a message.
  • Arrange to take a Covid PCR test – this can be booked at one of the testing sites in Meribel.
  • Return to your room where you and your room-mate will need to remain until your test results are known. If it is a child then we ask that a parent stays with the child.
  • We ask that other guests in the chalet do not enter the room.
  • We will be able to provide food and drink to your bedroom and arrange for other things to be brought to you.
  • At the end of your booked stay, we will endeavour to assist you with finding alternative accommodation for the remainder of your period of isolation until you can fly home.

If the guidelines outlined above are not followed, we reserve the right to instruct your chalet host not to enter the chalet. In these cases, we will continue to provide a meal service but it will not be a hosted service.


There are many travel insurance policies on the market that offer COVID-19 related cover and it is important that adequate travel insurance in place. We ask that your insurance policy includes provisions relating to COVID-19 and specifically covers the following situations:

  • Where you have been diagnosed with COVID-19 before departure and are no longer able to travel;
  • Where you have been in contact with someone that has been diagnosed with COVID-19 and you need to self-isolate, preventing you from travelling;
  • Where you have been contacted by NHS Test & Trace (or the French equivalent – TousAntiCovid – and you are required to self-isolate, preventing you from travelling;
  • Where you are required to quarantine after returning from another destination, preventing you from travelling with us;
  • Where you have been diagnosed with Covid-19 during your holiday or have otherwise been in contact with someone who has been diagnosed and you are now required to self-isolate, your insurance policy should cover you for repatriation where necessary, emergency medical expenses abroad and additional costs of accommodation and/or transport if you need to self- isolate whilst abroad.

PLEASE NOTE: This is our interpretation of the guidelines in place. Please satisfy yourself that you are aware of the latest rules before you travel.

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