Our Ski Chalets with Hot Tubs & Jacuzzis

Four chalets where you can take a soothing post-ski dip

There was a life pre-chalet hot tub. Back at the beginning of the 20th century modern skiing really took off. Those early pioneers were hardy folk with only a woolly jumper and thick beard for warmth. They slid down the mountain with nine metre lengths of wood attached to their feet by old bits of twine.

Today’s skier, however, is an altogether more delicate and demanding creature! Consequently, one of the most sought-after features of any chalet holiday today is the hot tub. Often described as “necessary”, “critical” and “a deal-breaker” by our clients, the hot tub represents a fantastic way for skiers to come together after a day on the slopes, to soothe tired limbs and wash away the rigours of the day.

Like the Ancient Romans retiring to their baths after a tough day battling barbarians, or the early Japanese washing off the remnants of the paddy fields in their Onsens, the practice of soaking one’s skins after a tough day is somehow instinctive in humans. Of course, a ‘tough day’ for us represents skiing deep powder, having to look after one’s own children, or walking for more than 100m!

Lively, as ever, to the needs of our customers, The Chalet Company has four chalets that offer a hot tub:

1. Chalet Evergreen

Chalet Evergreen Hot Tub-min

We installed the hot tub at ski-in/ski-out Chalet Evergreen three years ago and it has gone down extremely well with clients since then. It seats 6 to 8 people comfortably and is located on a plateau to the side of the chalet.

The mountain views are, of course, pretty spectacular. You can also watch the skiers whizz by just a few metres away. Many an hour has been lost in this watery paradise, especially with a cold beer or glass of bubbly in hand.

2. Chalet Impala

hot tub and champagne at chalet impala

Just to the side of the sauna house and sunk into the lowest level of the vast, multi-tiered wooden deck of Chalet Impala you will find this hot tub.

Sitting six people – or eight if you’re all good friends – this cauldron of pleasure has stunning views across the valley to Tougnete and up to the skiing above Méribel.

3. Chalet Bruyere

Chalet Bruyere Hot Tub

On a stone terrace out the double doors on the mountain-side of Chalet Bruyere sits a large six-person hot tub that will warm you up and soothe your aches and pains after a long, tough day in the snow.

Trees to one side, and to the rear, are sufficient to hide one’s modesty while the frontal view is of mountains and slopes. What more could you wish for?

4. Chalet Pied de Voute

Close to the centre of town, Chalet Pied de Voute offers some great spots for people-watching. The hot tub, which was recently installed for the 2018/19 season, is located to the rear of the large terrace.

This means that guests have a clear view of the snow-covered pistes across the valley and can enjoy that we-can-watch-you-but-you-can’t-see-us-frolicking-in-swimwear feeling.

Are you tempted? If so take a look at our prices and availability for each of these chalets for the coming season. You’ll be glad you did, sitting in one of these fine hot tubs with a glass of cold Prosecco or beer in hand.

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