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Food. Our take...

...on the quickest way to your heart.

Food. According to The Chalet Company

The first rule of hospitality is that nothing upsets a guest more than over-promising and under-delivering. Ensuring there is a cohesive message between those promoting and selling Chalet Company holidays (Phil and the marketing team) and those delivering Chalet Company holidays (Steve, Anneliese & the hosts) is of the utmost importance and no more so than in the matter of food. We know that the quickest way to your heart is through your stomach!

The feedback we have received and reviewed since we started serving guests in 2010 has helped to define our philosophy on food. The food you will be served will not be fine dining fare but it will be homely, plentiful, well-executed and very, very tasty. And the ongoing feedback we now receive suggests that we are hitting the spot.

Here’s a 6 day sample menu to whet your appetite…


Your Host

Chefs are a funny bunch. Take Gordon Ramsay as an example…yeah, I am sure he can knock up a half-decent Shepherd’s Pie but at what cost? He shouts an awful lot, he is aggressive and just a little scary. We understand that your host is the face of The Chalet Company. He or she is what will make your holiday special.
It is for this reason that Chef Ramsay’s application form is overlooked every year by Anneliese, The Chalet Company’s HR Director (and Director of anything else that needs done properly!) Instead she hand picks our hosts to run the chalets in the same way they would run their own home. We know that the hosts thrive with the independence that we give them and so ask them to plan every menu with the next set of guests in mind and to work to their own strengths and passions for cooking. By doing this, we can better tailor the menu to your specific dietary requirements and general likes and dislikes.

But don’t take our word for it…have a read through some of our reviews on Facebook and see past guests effuse about our food – in fact, here’s one below…

Guest Reviews

“Booking was made really easy, transfers were seamless and Chalet Phoenix was comfortable, characterful and a great price. Our host, Belle, made it an overall perfect experience.”
Geddes and Robinson families
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