What to pack for a Chalet Company catered ski holiday?

Can’t decide what to pack for a Méribel catered chalet holiday, what do you wear on and off the slopes? These are our packing top tips and recommendations, for your Méribel chalet holiday. For the basics, we’ve also created this TCC printable packing list.

what to pack for a ski holiday

What do I need to pack for on the snow?

These days it’s all about layering. We advise a waterproof jacket/shell with a warm mid-layer jacket or, a ski jacket. Then salopettes, thermal layers for underneath, ski socks, ski gloves, sunglasses and/or goggles, lip salve and sun cream, neck warmer and a helmet (although these can be rented from a ski hire shop in Méribel).

What do I need to pack for off the snow?

In the chalet, and out and about in Méribel, It’s all about the chill-out factor! Definitely bring some comfortable clothes for relaxing in the chalet. You’ll barely reach for anything smarter that you pack! If you want to explore Méribel, bring some decent shoes/boots with good, grippy soles. You might want to bring a different coat to your ski jacket, hat, gloves and scarf. There is also a swimming pool in Méribel centre (plus most chalets have a hot tub) so pack your swimmers and a towel. Our chalets are also ‘no outdoor shoe zones’ so you may want to pack your slippers!

More packing advice from The Chalet Company:

If you’re shopping for new ski stuff, here’s a selection of this season’s kit that we love.

We put together this MEGA list, of absolutely all the advice we could think of, for skiing with kids. It includes a lot of packing advice, and is based on year of tantrums and experience!

It includes things like:

◻️ Bring some board games for the chalet evenings.
◻️ Don’t forget slippers!
◻️ Bring extra plug adapters than you think you’ll need to avoid arguments.
◻️ Keep kids warm on the mountain by sticking some clickable hand-warmers in their pockets.
◻️ Giving the kids a disposable camera each is a fun week-long activity – pick them up at a pharmacy or corner shop.
◻️ Let kids choose the sun cream they like (smell, bottle etc) and it will make the daily application slightly less arduous.
◻️ Bring spare gloves – kids ski gloves seem to be permanently soaking! It means ski gloves can dry off, while the other pair are out making snowmen.

Ready to book a ski holiday yet?!

We hope this information hep you along the way to booking one of our wonderful catered chalets in Méribel!

You can see more of The Chalet Company’s frequently asked questions, on our FAQ page.

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