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Issue 9



Britain’s largest national bingo game operator, Mecca Bingo, is in talks to establish a Bingo Hall in Méribel, in France’s Three Valleys. The new Hall, is to be created on the site of the former Dick’s Tea Bar, in the Mussillon area of Méribel. Mériball will feature a state-of-the-art bingo blower and sufficient electronic bingo machines to accommodate up to 750 players at any one time.

Dave Rank-Group from Mecca’s parent company, The Rank Group, sees a bright future for Bingo in Méribel: “Whereas we do not foresee bingo surpassing the popularity of skiing & snowboarding in the Three Valleys any time soon, we do think it will give them a bloomin’ good run for their money. I personally have spoken to a number of British Tour Operators planning to run Bingo Chalets in lieu of Ski Chalets and one Ski School that is actively recruiting Bingo Instructors.”

One person that will be making the trip as soon as possible is Gladys Couch; “As soon as the world starts to open up again, I will be booking my seat on the Bingo Train down to Moutiers for a week on the Boards… I cannot wait!” But it is not all about who is quickest with the Dabber, as the vibrant Après Bingo scene is as much an attraction as the game itself. Gladys says, “I travel with my girlfriends; we leave the husbands at home so we can take the rollers out and let our hair down… there’s a phrase in Bingo that the Après is about the ‘players meeting the callers’, and I for one will be filling my boots!”

Surprisingly, the snowsports scene doesn’t feel under threat. Marie-Claire-Emilie Bonjour, from Méribel Tourism, explains that “Families will now bring along grand-mère et grand-père, who will spend their daytimes enjoying Mériball and, in the evenings, will babysit children while parents go out and spend money in restaurants and bars. It’s great for our economy. It’s totally logical, every ski resort should consider a Bingo Hall.”

It seems like everyone’s a winner! Especially, er, Gladys 😉


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