The ten best ski chalet hot tubs

Here’s The Chalet Company’s round up of the best hot tubs we’ve found on the web, mostly involving ski chalets.

The Foot Spa


If you’ve never been on a skiing holiday before and want to just dip your toes in to the world of ski chalet rental, this is the very hot tub to get you started. More paddling pool than hot tub, you can relax and immerse yourself in here all day – as long as you’re lying down or a baby. (Ed – this is deeper than it looks, right?)

The Waterfall


One day a designer was trying to decide how to further embellish a tub full of water and thought, ‘I know; let’s make water curtains!’ As dreamy and magnificent as they look, you’re going to get soaked going in.

We give this ten out of ten for stunning design, and three out of ten for ability to get a glass of champagne inside without watering it down. And of course, it wouldn’t be a ski holiday without drinking champagne in the hot tub, right?

The Laser Beam


Ladies and Gentlemen, it has come to my attention that a breakaway Russian Republic called Kreplachistan has built a chalet hot tub. That’s right. With frickin’ lasers! Here’s the plan: we get the hot tubs; then we get rich ski tourists from all over the world, throw them in the water and agree to let them out – for a MILLION DOLLARS! At least top-security lasers are a good excuse not to leave the tub.

The Movie Night 


A hot tub with a 3D TV! Imagine inviting your friends over for a cosy hot tub /movie night extravaganza.

  • 8.30pm: Baywatch  – See Pamela Anderson transformed into a floatation device.
  • 9pm: Piranha 3D
  • 9.10pm: Where’d everyone go?

The Accident Waiting to Happen 


Hours of fun can be had with this outdoor hot tub that looks just like a portal to another dimension or a watery vortex.

Simply sit at the edge with a collar and lead in your hand crying, ‘Come back!’ Then tearfully explain to passers-by how you were ‘just walking by when my pug got sucked in.’

The Freezing Hot Tub


Literally as though dug out of the snow, which is what we like about it, the only problem you might have with this hot tub is that it looks, well, cold. It has the misleading appearance of some kind of semi-frozen manhole, which could describe certain parts of your anatomy if you try to sit on the edge of this before getting in.

The Four Poster Toaster


This is the bit from Handel’s Water Music, entitled, ‘The Honeymoon Suite.’

Just kidding. Handel never had a hot tub. Although, hot tubs sometimes have handles.

What’s not to love except everything about this scene? Although we’re a bit concerned about the wicker basket smoking a cigar.

The Fireside Snug


Some people’s idea of a romantic night is lying together on a sheepskin rug in front of the fireplace. Others like to toast marshmallows over a log fire just like in the olden days. Ahhh! While sat a foot away in a hot tub. Oooh!

The Just Like Home


Remember that time when you were stuck in a car on the motorway dying to pee and some bright spark said, ‘whatever you do, don’t think of running water!’? Well, this is most definitely a hot tub for one in our opinion. Alternatively, it’s a home from home for everyone that’s ever taken a bath on a rainy day when the roof is leaking.

The Chinese Takeaway


Fancy a night in and a takeaway with friends? We have one question (yes, just one) about this special hot tub. How do you get out?!?

“Ha ha, but I’d quite fancy a dip in a hot tub myself at an affordable price, NOW!”

Then stop daydreaming and get booked into one of our chalets with hot tubs! 

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