Do I have to book the whole chalet?

ski chalet with group

Larger catered chalets in France are sometimes available to part-rent for the week, sharing with other groups or individuals. This has its perks for a more communal, and often great value, experience. That said, all of our catered chalets (unless stated) are on sold on an exclusive basis. There are many reasons for this (we’ve listed them below) but mainly, we believe it will give you a superior holiday experience.

If you like a particular chalet, but cannot fill it to full capacity, please do have a chat with our sales team via who may be able to suggest other options.

We think booking the whole chalet is better for:


At the moment, we’re all living in a time of heightened cleaning. Of course, The Chalet Company’s daily clean will always leave the place sparkling but, for the other hours of the day, you’ll be living in your own mess I’m afraid! Different family and friends create different amounts of debris but, one thing’s for certain, it’s much more pleasant lounging in the litter of your familiars!


While our chalets and catered chalet staff are safe and trustworthy, it makes a big difference to your piece of mind to know everyone who is in the chalet. Mixed groups often come and go at different times and you don’t always have direct communication with everyone.


Moments on a catered ski holiday (specifically that post-ski, post-shower, glass-in-hand, feet-up scenario) can be as relaxing as they come! It’s, without a doubt, even more relaxing to know everyone in the chalet (and be able to chat when you want to chat, ignore when you want to ignore!). Of course, you might meet some great people in a shared chalet; but there’s always the risk you might meet some oddballs… it’s important to take into account that your group could actually be the oddballs of the chalet too…

Hot tubs & saunas

Many of our chalets have hot tub, and a few have saunas; they’re some of the most sought-after features. We’re just going to come out and say it – there’s something a bit weird about sharing a sweaty sauna, or toes touching across a hot tub, with strangers. It’s another setting where you will be able to fully relax, with just your group around.

Shuttle bus runs

Another favourite feature, of our chalets in Méribel, is the private shuttle service that we run: from the chalet to the slopes. This is a small but significant element – if you’re sharing the chalet, you’re sharing the shuttle, and clashing timings and politeness may get in the way of getting to and from the slopes when you actually want to. At least with the whole chalet to yourselves, the self-appointed-party-leader can dictate who jumps in, when. (Not knocking you, our most bossy friend, the ski holiday wouldn’t run the same without you!!)

Chalet menu

The staff in our chalets in Méribel will suggest a delicious weeks’ worth of menus to the group. This includes different cooked breakfasts, cakes, bakes, canapés, starters mains and desserts. Of course, they’re also really happy to adapt menus in line with your dietary requirements and/or allergies. If there’s a special occasion or favourite meal you’d like whipped up – then let us know! However, our chalet chefs aren’t magicians. They can’t make ten different meals each night. In general, everyone in the chalet will need to agree on food and it’s much more difficult to make this happen with a mixed group. With more parties in the mix, you also run a higher risk of being in the company of a real fuss-pot!

The Chalet Company’s top tips for sharing a chalet with a group:

  • Make a group WhatsApp. This is key for clear communications before, during and after the trip!
  • Decide a set après spot. If you come off the slopes at different times… some go home to take boots off… you’ll reconvene easily and with less faff!
  • Ski in smaller groups. You might feel obliged, or optimistic, about getting the whole group to ski together every day. But, going out in smaller groups will be less waiting and overall, more fun.
  • Decide rooms beforehand. Avoid the bunfight on arrival – check out the floorplans or virtual tour on the website. The rule goes: whoever organised the trip gets first pick!
  • Download the Splitwise app. It takes all of the stress and admin out of buying lunches and rounds at the bar, then trying to work out how much you’re owed or how much you owe.

Other FAQs about our chalets

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